Here at Titan Farms we recognize the importance of technology and strive to use it to benefit America’s consumers and to protect our precious natural resources.

Our farm stretches over about 15 square miles of Edgefield, Saluda and Aiken Counties. This makes it difficult to manage resources from one point. Through the use of a custom web-based irrigation system and radio signals, we are able to control water distribution to all parts of our farm from one location.

The use of computers also allows for precise irrigation and accurate record keeping. This provides our crops with just the right amount of water and nutrients to insure optimum growth while controlling run-off and maximizing water resources. The automated part of this system allows us to irrigate when our crops need it the most without the constraints of labor and management hours.

Use of weather stations and soil moisture probes allows for further monitoring of water use. Weather stations record chill hours, register rain events and chronicle this information on an annual basis. Moisture probes monitor soil wetness in our vegetable beds. Precise water and fertilizer application is vital to growth, especially in hot summer months. These probes measure the soil’s ability to hold moisture further enabling us to manage our water resources.

Each peach variety has a particular chill hour requirement (hours with temps below 45°) in order to set its crop. Research has proven that water application in particular windows of the growing season directly impacts fruit size and quality.

We take great pride in the quality of our fruit and in our Titan brand name. Our state of the art packing facility enables us to ship some of the highest quality fruit in the marketplace. We have a computerized weight sizer that ensures our consumers get exactly what they request. Through the use of customized software, we are able to keep accurate packout records to aid in production and marketing decisions.

Our packing facility is where we focus a large portion of our food safety and security initiatives. As producers and packers of fresh fruit, we have committed ourselves to producing not only the highest quality, but also the safest fruit in the industry. Click on the Food Safety page to learn more about this comprehensive program.

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